Dating a crack addict

There was simply a phone call from a receptionist: Dropped from care. It's upholding my promise to love him through sickness — except this particular sickness is one of denial, deception, and manipulation. It's mentally preparing his funeral and how I'll explain his death to our son.

So he went to the streets, which is where so many addicts go when their prescription is yanked from their hands. It's searching the self-help bookshelves for some kind of insight or support, wondering why no one saw the "strong" wife quickly deteriorating. It's finally reaching out to a few close friends, then his family, and feeling a cathartic release.

On his way he came across a wreck, where Penuelas-Escobar's car had rolled over and thrown his girlfriend, 23-year-old Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz, from the vehicle. Andersson stopped to investigate and began to set up flares to slow down oncoming motorists.

As he was doing so Penuelas-Escobar began to open fire on him with a 9mm pistol, ABC 15 reported.

He limps into the room: skinnier, snifflier, dead in the eyes. I actually thought he might be coming back to me after a near-death scare, a promise to get clean, a few sessions on a therapist's couch, but it's all back again.

The doctor didn't ask if he had a history of addiction in his family or at what age, exactly, he started self-medicating the anxiety that plagued his childhood. His life is chaotic, consuming, no matter how or why it is. Not because I'm in denial, but because I know the full story.

Andersson was shot and was fought to the ground by Pennelas-Escobar.

A motorist who was shot dead by a hero passerby after he had 'ambushed' an Arizona state trooper has been identified as a known drug user and illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Leonard Penuelas-Escobar shot trooper Edward Andersson twice on an interstate west of Phoenix, before he was killed by a Good Samaritan passerby on Thursday.

Here are two things that I’ve learned through my experience:1. A spouse can help their loved one to overcome addiction.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I now understand that when my husband was an active drug addict, I was playing a role in my husband’s addiction.

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So how to help a drug addict husband get help with drug addiction?

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